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Having a bad day at work? Tempted to have a rant on Twitter or Facebook? Don't do it! Here's the reason why...

Posted by: Jessica Wood on Mon 16 March 2015

Having a bad day at work? Tempted to have a rant on Twitter or Facebook? Don't do it! Here's the reason why...

Did you know your potential new employer no longer has access to a really detailed reference or two from your previous or current employer? This is mainly due to HR taking responsibility for producing references and your immediate Line Manager no longer being able to complete reference requests.

Instead they’re quite likely to receive just a few lines detailing the dates you worked for a company and the job you held with them, and I think you’ll agree that’s not much to go on. This is why taking control of your online career profile is so important.

So faced with the lack of glowing, detailed references waxing lyrical about all your amazing skills, team work, leadership and invaluable ability in your job, where are potential employers likely to check you out? Its 2015, where else, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, that’s where. The information is there and it’s human nature nowadays to look people up online; this won’t just happen once you’ve been offered a new job, its increasingly likely this will happen before you’re even invited for an interview.

Chances are you won’t be invited for an interview if your Twitter feed or Facebook page has negative stuff about your current job or employer.

People are quick to judge: if you make unfavourable comments about your current employer online, any potential employer may think what if this person was to do the same to us; they most likely wouldn’t want to take the risk.

We know some employers who actually make a point of viewing peoples’ profiles online and their view is that if they don’t like what they see on line why would they like the person on a face to face basis? Harsh maybe, but this is today’s reality. Of course, it works in reverse, when someone likes what they see, they’re more inclined to want to interview you.

We all know the ‘golden rule’ of not disparaging your current employer at a face to face interview, so why do it online for all to see? This reminded me of the photo above I saw on Facebook the other day.

It’s worth remembering any negative or disparaging comments you make online could see you compromised contractually with your current employer and could lead to some form of disciplinary action.

Clearly, FB and Twitter are there for you to post your opinions, thoughts, share insight and engage with others; just try and ensure you’re mindful of posting comments that could end up harming your career progression opportunities.

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