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How to avoid the Ambulance chasing recruiter and the false promise of an interview you will never get

Posted by: on Wed 18 February 2015

How to avoid the Ambulance chasing recruiter and the false promise of an interview you will never get

Having recently been appointed, on a referred & exclusive basis, to assist a financial planning company with the hiring of a new management professional imagine our shock when a candidate known to both us and the company was approached by a recruitment company purporting to be handling the position!

It appears they worked out who the role was with and decided to try and gain a couple of candidates to ‘punt’ in to the company. Thankfully, the company we work with took the other recruiter to task over this unsavoury practice. As opposed to saying “ok fair cop I put my hands up!” their response was ‘I was passed a lead by a colleague’…. blah, blah, blah; no real ownership.

This unfortunately isn’t an isolated event and its behaviour like this that gives recruiters a bad name. I appreciate some less than ethical types may call it a good ‘business development’ tactic, however I just feel it lacks integrity and honesty and instead shrieks of Ambulance Chasing mentality.

Here’s the issue:

This recruiter had not been engaged or instructed to handle this assignment and, as such, any conversations they’ve had with any potential candidates would have been based on untruths, and in this case the company wouldn’t have accepted any CVs via that recruiter so they would have falsely raised the candidates’ expectations.

Plus this practice of spamming in candidates (normally on a blind-basis) during the hiring process is unfair on the genuine candidate(s) going through the interview/hiring process.

Sadly I believe this type of practice is fairly common and I just wish recruitment companies would form their own client-relationships instead of riding on the backs of others who endeavour always to behave in the right way.

Imagine if you’re the candidate and you’re approached in this way, having your expectations of an interview falsely raised how would you feel? To avoid this ask the recruiter:

"What's your relationship like with the company?"
"How well do you know them?"
"How long have you been working with them?

If you aren’t told who the role is actually with and they can’t provide you with a bona-fide job spec then I really would steer clear.

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