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6 Tell-tale signs you're using the wrong Recruitment Firm and how to fix it

Posted by: Jessica Wood on Wed 28 January 2015

6 Tell-tale signs you're using the wrong Recruitment Firm and how to fix it
Imagine the scenario:

You’re starting out in your financial career and decide, like many, to approach a recruitment firm to help you find your first position. All goes to plan and you do well in this role. As time goes by you realise that you’re outgrowing the firm you’re with and are excited to seek new experiences that will stretch you and realise it’s going to have to be at another firm. So you get back in touch with that recruitment firm who helped you secure your first role.

Rinse and repeat as you work your way up your career ladder looking to change companies as your skills grow and you seek new challenges. Maybe your future promotional opportunities have become limited or a miss-match in values and culture has arisen and you feel you’d be better off looking at opportunities elsewhere? It’s times like these when it helps to talk to a recruiter who ‘knows’ you and has assisted you in the past, even it’s just for general advice.

It sounds rather idealistic doesn’t it, I mean who honestly has a long term relationship with the same recruitment firm? Lets face it recruitment firms have somewhat of a reputation and it’s not the most flattering one either.

But we’ve been placing since their early days in the industry and that’s because we care as much for our candidates as we do for the firm who pays us to find the right candidate.

6 Tell-tale signs you are using the wrong Recruitment Firm and how to fix it
  1. They come across as too transactional. Look for a firm who really listen and don’t try and shoe-horn you into something they ‘just have available’ at the time.
  2. They don’t know ‘you’ or take the time to get to know you and your career aspirations – it’s all a bit ‘wham, bam thank you ma’am’! Find a firm who are willing to take the time to find out more about you.
  3. They don’t really give consultative advice – it maybe that talking through your issues with someone ‘independent’ & prepared to listen may result in you being able to work through your problems & find a resolution; as it’s not always the right thing to jump ship at the drop of a hat – you need to consider all angles.
  4. If you’re adamant you want to move but you don’t get offered any CV advice. A good firm should offer you assistance with tailoring and improving your CV in order to try and secure the role you would like.
  5. Everything feels ‘rushed’ i.e. consultant happy to have just a 5 minute chat with you during your lunch break. If they don’t offer to schedule a mutually convenient time to have a really thorough and detailed conversation or f2f meeting then walk away as this leads to the shoe-horn approach (see 1 above)
  6. They offer to ‘approach’ some of their clients to see if they can find you something suitable… this normally means they will use your CV/details as mailshot fodder and ‘spam’ it around the marketplace hoping it’ll stick somewhere – initially this could be construed as a proactive approach, however the reality is you have no idea where your details are being sent and your details could end up somewhere you don’t want them to! It’s your CV; you should be in control of who is presented with it!

From a business perspective it makes complete sense to us that we pay as much care and attention in placing someone in a junior role as someone in a senior role. Many of the candidates we’ve helped are at various career stages - either at the start of their careers, returning to work having taken some time out of work, for example, raising a family, or moving up the career ladder into more senior positions.

We take pleasure in watching how these candidates progress in their career through various promotions and we enjoy hearing from our clients how well they are getting on and their achievements.

One day, these entry level candidates, may well over time become hiring managers themselves, and who will they turn to for their recruitment needs?

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