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5 key staffing considerations for IFA’s to focus on when looking to buy or sell their business

Posted by: Jessica Wood on Fri 29 January 2016

5 key staffing considerations for IFA’s to focus on when looking to buy or sell their business

I interviewed Dawn Pearce-Herzberg on the 5 key considerations IFA’s looking to buy or sell their business should be focused on when it comes to their staff. Since RDR came into force, in December 2012, there has been a lot of changes within the financial planning sector. Dawn has seen many of these changes first-hand, having played a pivotal role in the setting up of the national financial planning company, Bellpenny, and more recently starting her own company, Vines Row; an IFA ‘match-maker’.

We covered some really interesting and valuable points which you can either watch via the video below or download the full interview in pdf format.

You’ll learn:

Once an IFA business has made the decision to sell, what should they consider when it comes to communicating this to their existing staff.

  • Particularly where IFAs are looking to retire
  • How to avoid running the risk of losing some really key members of staff

What can the advisers selling their firm do to limit the rumour mill as much as possible.

  • 3 steps to stamp out any rumour mill

What do you do with long standing members of staff that the firm want to take to the business that's buying them, although people aren't as qualified as the buying business would like them to be.

  • Especially if the acquiring firm are buying the staff in as part of the proposal

If someone's buying a business and unfortunately redundancies do have to be made, how should companies handle that process?

  • 3 key steps to a smooth transition
  • Using an external firm like a recruitment firm to assist with the 6 career impacting strategies your employees can undertake to help them with their future roles

The biggest mistakes that can be made, what were the consequences of that in terms of how the staff and team felt and how they impacted the entire deal.

  • Including real life examples of how a deal went wrong and when a deal went well
  • The key differences in how the 2 deals were managed
  • What you as the business owner selling can do to be on the right side of the deal
  • How to protect the value of the deal post acquisition
  • How to avoid creating a demotivated team
  • Protecting your clients and the relationship with them

How to spot a good firm to work with to help you through the buying/selling process and how to spot a bad one?

  • Understanding what to cover under due diligence

Read the interview here

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