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Getting the best results from your recruitment process

Posted by: Jessica Wood on Thu 11 February 2016

Getting the best results from your recruitment process

I interviewed Emma Hanney, the HR Manager of FE, about what firms can do to help themselves attract the right candidates for their roles and to get the best results from their recruitment process. Emma has been with FE for just short of five years and plays a key role in ensuring they attract the best people to their business.

This includes branding, image, the way the company presents itself externally and internally, the recruitment process and getting the right CVs from recruitment agencies.

We covered some really interesting and valuable points which you can either watch via the video below or download the full interview in pdf format.

You’ll learn:

In a market where good candidates are in short supply:

  • The importance of employer branding in attracting candidates
  • The importance of the look and content of your website to recruiting the right candidates

If you use a recruitment company:

  • How to benefit from using a small supply of recruiters as opposed to a large PSL
  • How to get the most of out of the relationship and treat them like an extension of your HR team

During the interview process:

  • What approach you should take when conducting interviews and creating the right impression of your business
  • What a good interview process should look like, including the importance of good communication i.e. proper feedback, maintaining momentum, keeping candidate’s updated and treating people fairly

Read the interview here

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