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Let’s Trash the Bashing and focus on what we do well. You in?

Posted by: Jessica Wood on Mon 14 March 2016

Let’s Trash the Bashing and focus on what we do well. You in?

Fundamentally, recruitment is a ‘people-business’ and we don’t forget that it’s people that make a business.

So, when I see the amount of vitriol aimed at recruiters on sites like LinkedIn it does sadden me. I don’t know of many other industries where so much ‘hate’ appears to be expressed so publicly. There is good and bad, I’m sure, in every industry. You’ve got recruiters knocking other recruiters, external recruiters knocking in-house recruiters and vice-versa, more seasoned recruiters knocking younger recruiters; then there’s companies and candidates having a go too.

I have to be honest and say I even found myself getting drawn into making a slightly negative comment recently, which I now regret having made and this is what prompted me to take a really good look at all this and write this blog. The whole thing makes for uncomfortable reading and I’m sure does no good for the industry as a whole. How can we expect any kind of respect if we spend our days attacking each other within our own industry? What message does it send?

Surely, it’s better for us to shout about what we do well, where we do help people and businesses and what difference we can help make to people lives?

Having been in the recruitment industry for just over 16 years, I have some stories to tell. Very rarely is it dull, each day brings new experiences and different situations to handle.

Over the years, I’ve assisted many, many people in finding their next new role/challenge; I hate to use the word ‘placed’, I don’t pluck people out of thin air and ‘place’ them in a new job. I make the introduction and assist them throughout the process, ultimately though it’s the people I assist that ‘get the job’, they’re the ones who invest their time and energy to secure a new job.

In my early days, I remember a young lady literally crying her eyes out on the ‘phone when I gave her the news that she’d been offered the role; thankfully, they were tears of joy as she wanted the position so much.

People I’ve helped have met at work, gone on to marry and raise a family. Some people have faced financial difficulty in the past resulting in IVAs, they have now gone onto carve out very successful careers.

Some have been out of work, through no fault of their own, for quite some time and it’s a real pleasure to help and see them get back on track.

A couple of years ago, we were able to, in one week, put offers to the youngest and eldest candidates we were working with at the time; one was starting her career at 18 and the other was in her early 70’s – both were overjoyed for different reasons.

We helped a new start-up company and in approximately 2 years or so, just shy of 120 new people joined the business from director level to front of house and everything in between; many are still with the company and it’s been great to see those achieving promotions.

Bristol, having been voted one of the best UK cities to live in, has attracted a lot of people within the financial services profession wanting to move here. Over the last couple of years, we’ve assisted an increasing number of people wishing to relocate, not only in helping them find a job, helping them pin-point the area they’d like to live in, recommending letting agents/estate agents/info on local schools etc etc.

All these people have had different aspirations & motivators; some very career-driven who have gone on to become business-owners/directors themselves, some wanting to return to the workplace, some starting their career or wanting to still make a difference in later-life, others looking for a good career opportunity coupled with a better of quality of life for their family. Whatever the motivator, we always remember that getting a new job can be life-changing for many people.

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